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2020-2-10 11:09







根据协议,GO债券和PBA债券的持有人将分别面临29%和23%的平均减记,低于9月调整计划中36% - 65%的减记幅度。




阿根廷副总统克里斯蒂娜·费尔南德斯·德基什内尔(Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner)表示,在阿根廷走出衰退之前,政府不会向国际货币基金组织(imf)偿还“哪怕是0.5美分”的债务。

在哈瓦那国际书展上,费尔南德斯•德基什内尔(Fernandez de Kirchner)在她的新书《amente (Sincerely)》的发布会上说:“为了能够支付,我们必须做的第一件事就是摆脱经济衰退。”




费尔南德斯•德基什内尔(Fernandez de Kirchner)表示,阿根廷应大幅削减其在IMF的债务。


Puerto Rico would shed about US$24 billion of debt and move closer to exiting bankruptcy under an agreement with bondholders announced by the US commonwealth’s federally created financial oversight board, Reuters reports.

The deal would cut US$35 billion of bonds and claims to about US$11 billion as it increases the ranks of general obligation (GO) and Public Buildings Authority (PBA) bondholders that signed onto a plan to restructure core government debt and more than US$50 billion in pension obligations that the board filed in US District Court in September.

The Caribbean island commenced a form of municipal bankruptcy in May 2017 to restructure about US$120 billion of debt and liabilities. Just months later, residents had to endure devastating hurricanes and more recently the strongest earthquake in more than a century.

In a statement on Sunday, Oversight Board Chairman José Carrión said the deal “lowers total debt payments relative to the agreement we reached last year, pays off commonwealth debt sooner, and has significantly more support from bondholders, further facilitating Puerto Rico’s exit from the bankruptcy that has stretched over three years”.

However, the deal faces opposition from Puerto Rico Governor Wanda Vazquez because it does not roll back proposed pension cuts.

Under the agreement, bondholders would face average value reductions of 29 percent for GO bonds and 23 percent for PBA bonds, which is lower than haircuts of 36 percent to 65 percent that were included in the September plan of adjustment.

The board had targeted more than US$6 billion of GO bonds sold in 2012 and 2014 for low recoveries, contending they were issued in violation of Puerto Rico’s constitutional debt limit.

The deal would end the board’s pursuit to void those bonds in court and the risk that hold-out bondholders would recover none of their investment if the debt were invalidated.

Creditors would receive US$10.7 billion in new debt, split between GO bonds and sales tax-backed junior lien bonds, along with US$3.8 billion in cash, the board said. It also shortens the timeframe to pay off the island’s legacy debt to 20 years from 30 years.

In Argentina, Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner said the government will not pay “even half a cent” of its debt back to the International Monetary Fund before the country has exited recession.

“The first thing we have to do in order to be able to pay is to exit the recession,” Fernandez de Kirchner said at a presentation of her book, Sinceramente (Sincerely), at Havana’s international book fair.

“If there is a recession no-one will pay even half a cent and the way you exit recession is through a lot of state investment.”

Argentina needs to restructure US$100 billion in sovereign debt with creditors, including part of a US$57 billion credit facility that the IMF extended the country in 2018.

Dealings with the IMF are key as Argentina hopes to avoid a default amid a currency crash, steep inflation and a contracting economy. An IMF technical mission is expected in Buenos Aires next week to discuss obligations owed to the fund.

Fernandez de Kirchner said Argentina should get a “substantial haircut” on its IMF debt.


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