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火币欲收购日本韩国最大交易所 或因调查延缓

2020-11-17 15:41


火币此前正在就收购日本最大交易所Bitflyer进行沟通,收购价格约为5亿美金。17日韩国媒体The Bell曝出火币试图收购韩国最大交易所Bithumb。吴说区块链获悉,这两起谈判均已启动一段时间,由于火币突然身陷山西调查风波,这两起收购案或因此延缓。











Huocoin had been in talks to buy Bitflyer, Japan's largest exchange, for about $500m. On The 17th, South Korean media The Bell reported that Huocoin had tried to buy Bithumb, The country's largest exchange. Wu said blockchain has been informed that both negotiations have been underway for some time, and the two acquisitions may be delayed due to huobi's sudden involvement in an investigation in Shanxi Province.

The Bitflyer is Japan's largest cryptocurrency exchange, with 2.5m users. Bithumb is South Korea's largest cryptocurrency exchange. According to Coingecko spot data, Bithumb ranks 12th, Bitflyer ranks 19th, and Huocoin ranks 7th.

Huobi's globalization development is relatively slow. Most of the high-level structure diagram are Chinese employees (in contrast, there are only one Chinese employee in the high-level diagram of Huobi). Investment projects and ecological layout are basically confined to China, with users and revenue mainly coming from China. Huobi announced its withdrawal from the U.S. market in November 2019. Japan and South Korea are the only remaining international markets for huobi. The ceos of Huocoin Japan and Huocoin South Korea were among huocoin's previously disclosed high-level structure charts.

Chen Haiteng, CEO of Huobin Japan, went to Study in Japan in 1992. He once held important positions in Japan's super large companies such as NTT, Index and DAC, and served as CEO of Baidu Japan from 2006 to 2013. Huobi CEO of South Korea Zhao Guofeng is an old man in The Chinese currency circle. The media calls him a well-known bitcoin robot manipulator, the first person in Southeast Asia to hedge and arbitrage cryptocurrency, the founder of the Bitcoin world and the founder of Rfund.

In 2018 Huobi announced control of BitTrade, a legally licensed exchange in Japan. In April 2020, huocoin HT was rarely approved by Japan's Financial Services Agency, which was also the first Taiwan dollar approved by Japan. But despite the BitTrade acquisition, trading volumes and KYC users are very low in both Huocoin Japan and Huocoin South Korea, and HT's trading volumes in Japan are very low, according to people familiar with the matter. Deyun Kong, chief industry researcher at OKEx, has noted that Japan and South Korea, despite their high levels of trading activity, show very strong "closed" user characteristics, mainly using local exchanges, which are difficult for outsiders to expand. The choice to acquire the existing number one exchange is a logical move to do business locally.

This also shows that huobi is in a very good financial condition. This year, with the rapid rise of huobi derivatives and other businesses, a lot of profits can be used for acquisitions. Bloomberg reported that Huocoin had revenue of about $680 million in 2019. Margins are expected to be 50 per cent or higher. Revenue from Huobi is expected to rise more than 50 percent this year as the currency surges.

But there are also problems with focusing too much on Japan and South Korea. The Bitflyer, the largest exchange in Japan, was valued at only $500 million due to the Japanese public's conservative attitude towards cryptocurrencies and the financial Hall's strict control over 1CO and derivatives. South Korea, with its small economy and high currency speculation, also faces tough regulatory policies, as did the police agency's raid and arrest of Chairman Bithumb in September. Bithumb has a bad reputation and has been widely reported for scandals such as its popularity. Also in doubt is whether local regulators will approve a Chinese deal to buy the largest local cryptocurrency exchange in Japan and South Korea.

Both acquisitions predate the black Swan incident in mainland China. OKEx stopped withdrawing cash on October 16 after media revealed that its founder, Xu Mingxing, had gone missing a week earlier and was assisting police in Shanxi in their investigation. Wu said on November 2 that blockchain was informed that Huoxuan COO has also assisted the Shanxi police in their investigation, but huoxuan platform has not restricted the withdrawal of COINS. As a result of the panic in the market, Huocoinan set records for bitcoin outflows and inflows for the whole year.

Although the talks have been underway for a long time, the investigation could delay huocoin's bid to buy the biggest exchanges in Japan and South Korea, according to people familiar with the matter. However, some sources said that as a result of the investigation, Huobi began to rethink its over-reliance on the Chinese market and the slow pace of its previous overseas expansion. In the future, huobi will pay more attention to the overseas market, but everything still needs to get through this robbery.


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