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R3高级执行总裁Ryan Rugg加入IBM区块链团队

2021-1-10 18:49


去年12月,曾在R3负责多个主要行业的Ryan Rugg开始在IBM区块链服务公司工作,负责咨询业务、跨行业集团的解决方案以及美洲的整体部门绩效。从表面上看,这对R3来说是一个巨大的损失。但在现实中,这可能会成为双方的双赢。



回到2018年,Rugg在R3的职责是保险。讽刺的是,她和她的团队将主要保险财团RiskStream和B3i从Hyperledger Fabric和以太坊转向R3的Corda。在当时的区块链保险会议上,一位与会者甚至建议将会议名称更新为“DLT for insurance”,以认可Corda的采用,从技术上讲,Corda不是区块链。


Rugg告诉Ledger Insights,在IBM和R3宣布他们将在两条战线上合作,包括在IBM内部建立一个新的R3卓越中心的时候,她收到了IBM的方法。另一个协作领域是R3的客户能够跨混合云和本地利用IBM LinuxONE。

当Rugg收到邀请后,她向胜三的首席执行官David Rutter透露了自己的导师。CEO支持Rugg的举动,注意到有人熟悉R3和Corda可以帮助建立R3卓越中心,并推动它向前发展。



IBM向更广泛的技术生态系统和集成技术迈进并不是什么新鲜事。它之前曾涉足Stellar,现在是Hedera的管理委员会成员。在主机托管方面,IBM很早就接受了区块链的跨云部署,这意味着它将与云服务竞争对手亚马逊网络服务(Amazon Web Services)和微软Azure合作。正如IBM的Jerry Cuomo在去年12月告诉Ledger Insights的那样,收购红帽有“340亿个理由选择多云方法”。“多云方法已经获得了丰厚的回报,而多技术也很可能获得同样的回报。


In December, Ryan Rugg, who previously ran several major industry sectors at R3, started working at IBM Blockchain Services where she’s responsible for the consulting practice, solutions across Industry Groups, and overall unit performance for the Americas. On the face of it, this appears to be a huge loss to R3. But in reality, it may turn out to be a win-win for both parties.

After spending four and a half years at R3, a big draw for Rugg was the range of services that IBM brings to the party as well as the mix of software, hardware and services. 

“As projects move towards production, there’s so much more involved than just the blockchain protocol,” said Rugg. “There’s the integration with databases, security, AI, IoT and more. Having the ability to draw on specialist teams in all these areas is a significant advantage.”

Back in 2018, Rugg’s responsibility at R3 was insurance. Ironically, she and her team steered both of the major insurance consortia RiskStream and B3i away from Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum and towards R3’s Corda. At a blockchain insurance conference at the time, one of the attendees even suggested that the conference’s name be updated to ‘DLT for Insurance’ as a nod to Corda’s adoption, which is technically not a blockchain.

Given her success at R3, Rugg was given global responsibility for several more sectors, including trade finance where R3 has a big footprint. The others were the rest of trade and supply chain, healthcare, telecoms and energy.

Rugg told Ledger Insights that she received the IBM approach around the time that IBM and R3 announced they would be working together on two fronts, including a new R3 Center of Excellence within IBM. The other collaboration area is the ability for R3’s clients to take advantage of IBM LinuxONE across hybrid cloud and on-premises.

When Rugg received the offer, she confided in R3’s CEO David Rutter whom she regards as a mentor. The CEO supported Rugg’s move, noting that having someone familiar with R3 and Corda could help establish the R3 Center of Excellence and move it forward.

However, Rugg’s role is not limited to Corda and she emphasized that the group will choose whatever technology is most appropriate for the project. 

Her role is broader than at R3 because of general management and practice development responsibilities to accelerate Blockchain Services across multiple areas. While her background is established in financial services, given she’s a former investment banker (Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Lehman), Rugg will be looking across all of the segments where IBM is established, including healthcare/life sciences, insurance, communications, high tech, industrials, and distribution/consumer goods. 

IBM’s move towards broader technology ecosystems and integrating technologies isn’t a new one. It has previously dabbled with Stellar and is on the governing council of Hedera. In terms of hosting, IBM was early to embrace cross-cloud deployment for blockchain, which meant working with cloud competitors Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. As IBM’s Jerry Cuomo told Ledger Insights in December, there were “34 billion reasons to go with the multi-cloud approach,” with the Red Hat acquisition.” That multi-cloud approach has paid off handsomely, and the multi-technology most likely will as well.


来自: Ledger Insights