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2021-2-16 13:02




“我们在2020年取得的进展,包括为加快公司转型而采取的行动,让我们有信心在未来一年恢复增长。可口可乐公司董事长兼首席执行官詹姆斯•昆西表示:“尽管短期内仍存在不确定性,但在我们的目标和‘饮料人生’(Beverages for Life)雄心的推动下,我们已经做好准备,将在危机中变得更加强大。”



去年,该公司在中国非酒精即饮饮料(ready- on- drink beverage)的场内和场外市场都获得了市场份额。


去年第四季度,这家饮料巨头在中国推出了多种热饮,包括COSTA英国红茶拿铁(Latte)、美汁源桂花梨(Minute Maid)和美汁源柚子(Honey Yuzu)。






World beverage giant The Coca-Cola Company reported solid volume growth in sparkling soft drinks in China, which is the company's third-largest market globally, according to its fourth quarter and full year earnings results released on Wednesday.

The company recorded $8.6 billion net revenue in the fourth quarter, in line with market expectations, and operating profit of $2.34 billion, up 8 percent. The company's revenue of last year was $33 billion, with operating profit of $9 billion.

"The progress we made in 2020, including the actions taken to accelerate the transformation of our company, gives us confidence in returning to growth in the year ahead. While near-term uncertainty remains, we are well-positioned to emerge stronger from the crisis, driven by our purpose and our Beverages for Life ambition," James Quincey, chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company, said.

The company expects to deliver organic revenue percentage growth in the high single digits.

In 2020, the Coca-Cola Company took strategic steps to reorganize and better enable the Coca-Cola system to emerge stronger and pursue its Beverages for Life strategy for future growth. In China, the company has accelerated the pace of product portfolio optimization by enhancing innovation with scale potential and local consumer insights, according to the report.

In China, the company gained shares in the total non-alcohol ready-to-drink beverage market in both on and off premise last year.


For example, Coca-Cola Ginger+, a new product launched in China in November 2020, was customized for Chinese consumers and developed under the disciplined innovation framework. It is also Coca-Cola's first global sparkling product that consumers can drink after heating it.

In the fourth quarter of last year in the country, the beverage giant launched a variety of hot beverages, including COSTA British Black Tea Latte, Minute Maid Osmanthus Pear and Minute Maid Honey Yuzu.

Minute Maid also launched Apple Cider Vinegar in southern China, where the weather is relatively warmer. These innovations help better serve Chinese consumers drinking habits and taste preferences in various scenarios, the company said.

In digital channels, the company continued to invest in omni-channel opportunities. For example, the company capitalized on the booming trend of retail online-to-offline in China. The company gained 3 points of value share during the year across these platforms, which are leading overall digital commerce growth in China.

During the Double 11 shopping holiday in November, Coca-Cola China's total sales on O2O platforms increased by 61 percent over the same period last year. Transactions hit 130 percent year-on-year growth on JD.com, 178 percent year-on-year increase on Hema Fresh and 121 percent year-on-year rise in the Tmall flagship store.

In January 2021, Coca-Cola Company's first fashion apparel and accessories flagship store in China officially launched on Tmall, providing Chinese consumers with a wide variety of fashion items in collaboration with global designers and local fashion brands. In the future, the flagship store also will offer rPET items for sale to help consumers understand the value of recycling and promote sustainable consumption.


原作者: WANG ZHUOQIONG 来自: chinadaily.com.cn